At this year's Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Denver, Michael Corley presented 2 posters: "PDF icon Multiomics of detectable vs.

In a ceremony in Albany, Dr. Eugenia Siegler was awarded the Dr. Linda Laubenstein Annual HIV Clinical Excellence Award.  The award honors those physicians who, beyond providing the highest quality of clinical care for people with HIV/AIDS, are also distinguished by their compassionate manner and their wholehearted involvement in the ongoing effort to achieve comprehensive care for persons with HIV/AIDS.
The award was created to applaud those who are educating others...

This episode of HIV unmuted, the award-winning IAS podcast, puts the spotlight on a specific community that is often overlooked: people growing older with HIV.  It features people who have been living with  HIV for more than 20 years: 

  • Jules Levin, Founder of the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project, offers a first-hand perspective on navigating four decades living with HIV.

  • Reena Rajasuriar, Associate Professor at the...

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